Exam Final, December 14, 2009, Version A (with answers)

Exam Final, December 14, 2009, Version A (with answers) -...

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WILLIAM H. CUNNINGHAM, MKT 320F, FINAL EXAM, DECEMBER 14, 2009, VERSION A Key Lectures and Chapters . The test will cover the following chapters: 1-11 and 14-18. There will be no questions from the lectures. Questions During Examination . The teaching assistants have been instructed not to answer any questions during the examination on any specific test questions. It is unfair for one student to receive advice from a proctor when the rest of the class does not receive similar information. Posting Exam and Answers . The examination and correct answers will be posted on the Web site by 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 14. Please note that in the questions on the answer key that will be posted there is a page number from the text where the question originated. This information will be useful to you when you review your answers. If you feel that any questions are incorrect, you need to correspond with me by e-mail by 12:00 Noon on Tuesday, December 15. You must provide rationale for why you feel another answer is correct. We must enforce this deadline so we can post the grades in an expeditious manner. You may mark on the examination and you are welcome to take this exam with you after you are completed. Advice . There are no trick questions on this examination. Always select the best answer to the question. Read the question slowly and then eliminate the wrong answers. You should then be in a good position to select the correct answer. Good luck!
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1. (p. 460) Which of the following is a SALES-ORIENTED pricing objective? A. Growth in market share B. Target return C. Nonprice competition D. Satisfactory profits E. Meeting competition 2. (p. 130-131) The birthrate in the United States A. has been almost constant for the last thirty years. B. is falling again because many couples born during the "baby boom" are now past their child-bearing years. C. rose when Vietnam vets got married, had children, and created the "baby boom" generation. D. will contribute more to U.S. population growth than immigration in the next 25 years. 3. (p. 387) Which of the following adopter groups is most important to "sell"—given the importance of opinion leaders? A. Late majority B. Early majority C. Laggards D. Innovators E. Early adopters 4. (p. 235) A product line is a set of individual products that are closely related in which of the following ways? A. They are sold to the same target market. B. They are produced and/or operate in a similar manner. C. They are priced at about the same level. D. They are sold through the same type of outlets. E. Any or all of the above. 5. (p. 402) The sales manager for a producer of consumer convenience products should recognize that the company may need: A. order getters to sell its established line to regular wholesaler customers.
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Exam Final, December 14, 2009, Version A (with answers) -...

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