did life originate in ice

did life originate in ice - impurities such as cyanide and...

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David Vasquez 1/11/10 Did Life Begin in Ice Summary In 1972, Stanley Miller began putting cyanide, ammonia, and dry ice in vials. 25 years later, he and his student, Jeffrey Bada, opened the vials and noticed that the mixture had become nucleobases and amino acids. This was important because nucleobases are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Although most people believe life began in primordial soups, or tropical ponds, Miller provided the first piece of evidence that might prove this idea wrong. However, when Miller and Broda submitted their findings, they received skepticism. This is because chemical reactions slow down at low temperatures, which meant that Miller should not have seen any changes in his vial. A reason why Miller might have seen results, though, is because eutectic freezing causes ice crystals to form and stay pure. The molecules of water will join and exclude
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Unformatted text preview: impurities such as cyanide and ammonia. This leads to the formation of pockets of liquid in which the impurities can interact more often. Also, freezing extends the lifetime of molecules, which gives them more time to organize and combine to create things such as RNA. Miller’s findings are constantly being backed up ever since his discovery. In 2002, Hauke Trinks noticed that the ice surface has different charges, which causes the RNA created to be stacked into a long chain of RNA. Another Scientist, Alexander Vlassov, noticed that an RNA enzyme called hairpin glues other RNA chains together when it is frozen. This evidence supports Miller’s findings and proves that live might have actually originated in ice....
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did life originate in ice - impurities such as cyanide and...

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