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Test 1 Answers - Chemistry 1035 (Tuesday, Thursday) Test-1...

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Chemistry 1035 (Tuesday, Thursday) Test-1 Form B (MAKE SURE YOU CIRCLE THE CORRECT FORM NUMBER ON THE OPSCAN) 1. The atomic mass of an element is 32.07 u and its atomic number is 16. The element forms a simple ion. The ion will most likely have a charge of (A) 1– (B) 2– (C) 3+ (D) 1+ 2. In which pair do both compounds exhibit predominantly ionic bonding? (A) SO 2 , HCl (C) NaF, MgO (B) KNO 3 , CH 4 (D) KCl, CO 2 3. NaBrO 3 is the correct formula of (A) sodium bromate. (C) sodium bromite. (B) sodium bromide. (D) sodium hypobromite. 4. In all neutral atoms, there are equal numbers of (A) protons and neutrons. (C) neutrons and electrons. (B) positrons and electrons. (D) electrons and protons. 5. What do these have in common? 20 Ne 19 F 24 Mg 2+ (A) the same number of protons (B) the same number of neutrons (C) the same number of electrons (D) the same size
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6. Balance the equation for the following reaction, using no fractional coefficients. ? C + ? HNO 3 ? CO 2 + ? NO 2 + ? H 2 O The sum of the coefficients in the balanced equation is (A) 5 (B) 7 (C) 9 (D) 12 (E) 16 7. The mass of a metal cylinder was determined on an analytical balance and found to be 50.208 g. The volume of the metal cylinder was measured and
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Test 1 Answers - Chemistry 1035 (Tuesday, Thursday) Test-1...

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