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Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (with Student Suite Online)

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Winter, 2008 Tuesday, Jan. 8 Stat 321 – Lecture 2 Descriptive Statistics cont. (Ch. 1) Numerical Summaries: Center Mean = Σ x i / n = average of all values in data set Symbols: Median = “middle value” if n odd, the average of the middle pair if n even Symbols: When do values of mean and median differ? Demo 1: Rower weights (cont.) Def: A measure is resistant if its value is not strongly affected by the presence of outliers in the data set. Example 1: Cancer Pamphlets Researchers in Philadelphia investigated whether pamphlets containing information for cancer patients are written at a level that the cancer patients can comprehend. They applied tests to measure the reading levels of 63 cancer patients and also the readability levels of 30 cancer pamphlets (based on such factors as the lengths of sentences and number of polysyllabic words). These numbers correspond to grade levels, but patient reading levels of under grade 3 and above grade 12 are not determined exactly.
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handout day2 - Winter 2008 Stat 321 Lecture 2 Descriptive...

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