Lecture 1 Notes - Hello everyone, This email begins a...

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Hello everyone, This email begins a series of emails from me after each lecture where I highlight important points and provide two sample questions for you to study for the mod exam. I will present these two questions prior to the start of each class, and then give you the answers at the beginning of class. Try to come to class early so that you can review the questions. I will ask for two volunteers from class to answer the questions and if the right answer is given, a “treat” will follow. Today we started building the framework for how to create a successful organization through people. It was important to tell you about current workforce and business trends so that you understand the environment in which we conduct business today, and these trends have profound effects on how we attract, manage and retain people in our organizations today and in the future. The status report pointed out five major trends. We talked about each of these, and their implications for business. Can you remember the implications? If the workforce is getting older because of aging Baby Boomers, what does it do to organizations’ health care costs? What does it do to their staffing plans when there is expected to be a major wave of retirements in 2010? What happens when the most seasoned managers and workers leave the organization and cannot be replaced by younger experienced people? You get the picture. Given that the workforce is getting smaller, more ethnically diverse and not growing the amount of skilled talent we need to
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Lecture 1 Notes - Hello everyone, This email begins a...

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