Lecture 4 Notes - Hello everyone, Today we focused on...

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Hello everyone, Today we focused on employment law. Why? You have learned how to put into place a valid selection system by understanding that you have to focus on the KSAs of the job, and use good predictors of future performance to choose the best qualified candidate. In the spirit of the theme of this class, “ Utilize talent wherever it can be found,” this lecture teaches you how to select and manage your employees legally. When you discriminate against a person on the basis of their sex, age, race, religion, national origin or disability status, you are throwing away talent—you reject them for no good business reason and you fail to evaluate them based on their talent. Don’t judge people by the “package” they come in. Judge them by their KSAs. We looked at three different areas of the law: civil rights, wage and hour benefits, and sexual harassment. You, as an employee, have rights under each one and you should know what they are. As an employer, you need to know people’s rights so you don’t violate them! Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the landmark piece of legislation that changed how employers behaved in this country. Under Title VII of this law, employers cannot reject people from employment or make any employment decision on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, or national origin. Why? These characteristics of people are not job-related. That is, being a member of a favored subgroup (e.g., White, male, Christian, young), does not give a person an inherent advantage in job performance over other subgroups (e.g., Hispanic, female, Muslim, middle-aged). Job performance varies across each of these subgroups and across subgroups. Just to drive the point home, it used to be that females could not be firefighters because they were thought to not have the KSAs for the job. Look around today and you will see many female firefighters. When this thinking was challenged, it became clear that many women did have the KSAs and therefore, were hired because they could perform the job. Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects people over 40 years of age.
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Lecture 4 Notes - Hello everyone, Today we focused on...

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