Lecture 6 Notes

Lecture 6 Notes - Hello everyone On Monday we turned our...

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Hello everyone, On Monday, we turned our attention to how to motivate people. To this point, we have structured the organization, staffed it with qualified employees, set up policies to ensure employees (and applicants) are treated fairly and consistently and in compliance with the law, and we learned how to build a strong company culture. Now that employees are on board in jobs that will create good outcomes for the company, we need to motivate them to put forth their best efforts so that we achieve our desired outcomes. As I said in class, employee motivation is probably the hardest thing any organization has to do. Why? Employees have jobs, they get paid regularly, regardless of their work effort (unless it gets so bad that they may in fact lose their job). However, we need everything they have to give, right? Otherwise, you are not getting the return on your investment in them (in the form of pay and benefits). So how do you get their maximum effort? We have to understand the relationship between job satisfaction and morale and work behavior. When people are satisfied with their jobs and have high morale, they exhibit high commitment to the organization (they stay) and are committed to the organization. When people are dissatisfied with their jobs and have low morale, they exhibit counterproductive behaviors, leave their jobs, come in late (tardiness) and call in sick (absenteeism). They also tend to lower their job performance. Counter to logic and
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Lecture 6 Notes - Hello everyone On Monday we turned our...

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