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Babalola1 Ayotomiwa Babalola Professor Bayardo English 1301-6003 June 13, 2009 Essay Two: The Just Law All nations, weather large or small, are administered by a vast set of laws . This is has been the case throughout history . The ability to govern to the general population is important in order to maintain a widespread peace and a sense of order . But at times, the government itself will pass laws that will go against the ideology of a number of the general public, and at times even oppressing a certain population . Martin Luther King Jr . in his Letter from Birmingham Jail explores such laws . He states that indeed there unjust laws and when these laws are enacted people have a moral obligation to disobey and break such laws . Justice is depicted as a blindfolded goddess, gracing a sword and scales . The blindfold represents impartiality, the sword represents forcibility of the law, and the scales represent a balance and equality . The nature of a law should be justice, and a just law benefits no one and protects everyone . King states that “A just law is a manmade code that squares with the moral
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Babalola 2 law or the law of God .” But when a law aggravates the moral law, according to
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Just laws - Babalola1 Ayotomiwa Babalola Professor Bayardo...

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