To Rule a State

To Rule a State - Babalola 1 Ayotomiwa Babalola Professor...

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Babalola 1 Ayotomiwa Babalola Professor Bayardo English 1301-6003 June 27, 2009 To Rule a State There are people who are born to lead, and those who born to follow . This is a statement that most are familiar with . But how can we go beyond this simply stated fact? What are the characteristics of those born to lead, and the characteristics to the latter? Socrates states that in fact, there are those who it is their duty to rule over the masses and to play significant roles in the government . The argument then emerges that if there are those born with a specific role such as a leader, are there those who are born to different and lesser roles? If this is true, we can then apply this specific statement to a general view . Socrates does not just suggest a role for those who are intelligent, but implores the state to single out the best and brightest young men to become its rulers . His suggestion is not something we have not been thought ourselves . Nature, through natural selection, distinguishes the best of a certain species of animal to survive . So this is not an altogether new concept, in that the world itself was made to be selective ; it is only natural. The question that is now raised is if it is right to apply this to the way state affairs are conducted . Socrates uses The Allegory of the
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Babalola 2 Cave to illustrate his reasoning for selecting the most intelligent to rule Athens
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To Rule a State - Babalola 1 Ayotomiwa Babalola Professor...

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