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hmwk3 - rile gun view History Linnkmallns 11ml Help e X G(a

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Unformatted text preview: rile gun view History Linnkmallns 11ml: Help @ e X G (a htthi'wwwjlimcumfilrm'lakeAssignmenh'viMASSignmentMain.do’ilemlndex:108elakdndu=18£assignm=nfld=15203MS $2; - beanie @smmhiei ‘ilflkeitl‘ IGSemnnv D ‘ Channels 6 B Q (I) 3.9 Allvlfiraumitsflrriends Tonls' ‘WWQW|WIMX]W Inn—spent m. : bu mlnuta, Au saunas Ch‘tk on a nugtrnn number beiuw to see your answer. To print this assignment with yam answers, th'tk "View printable version". Vlew printable version J 5. n.67 Wrong J 7. n.67 O 5. mm Your answer: — 3 E . 7 . 7 "7 J 9. n.67 2 I 2 J 111. n.67 x 11. ILIII J 12. n.67 J 13. n.67 J 14. n.67 — Number Di big: 1 x 15. moo Find the horizontal and vertical components of the vector with given magnitude and direction, and write the vector in terms ofi andi. |v| = ‘5, 5 = 300' x component y component ...
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