Experiment 1

Experiment 1 - Outer Diameter 16.82 mm Inner Diameter 14.1 mm Length 51.88 mm Liquid(Blue Liquid in Container 165.5 g Container-63.1 g Volume of

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Ayo Babalola PHYS 208-510 Experiment 1: Measurements Tabletop Length- 120.8 cm Width-76.2 cm Steel Ball Diameter-12.68 mm Aluminum Block Width-26 mm Mass- 44.3 g Length-50.9 mm Depth-11.1 mm Hollow Aluminum Block
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Unformatted text preview: Outer Diameter- 16.82 mm Inner Diameter- 14.1 mm Length- 51.88 mm Liquid (Blue) Liquid in Container- 165.5 g Container-63.1 g Volume of Liquid- 21mm or 21 cm 3...
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