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VCE Economics 2010–2014 The VCE Economics Study Design (Units 1–4) has been reviewed and accredited for the period 2010–2014. Summary of changes VCE Economics Study Design underwent review and revision in 2008. While this summary highlights major changes, teachers should read carefully the revised study design to become familiar with the detail of the changes. Unit 1 Economics: Choices and consequences The title of the unit has been changed to reflect a new focus Area of Study 1: A market system Area of Study 2: Economic issues In Area of Study 1 the specific markets that can be studied have been increased. The list now includes: transport market, online markets, health market and any other relevant market. Area of Study 2 offers elective topics for teachers/students to select. A student/teacher initiated inquiry-based investigation has been introduced as an elective in Area of Study 2. Sustainability and globalisation have been integrated across the unit, and closer links made to living standards within Australia. Assessment: an additional assessment task type has been added: A folio of annotated media commentaries using print or electronic materials. Unit 2
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economics-summaryofchanges2010 - VCE Economics 20102014 The...

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