enviroecon2 - Environmental Economics (M134) Professor...

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Environmental Economics (M134) Professor Matthew E. Kahn Winter 2008 e-mail: mkahn@ioe.ucla.edu Teaching Assistant: Ryan Vaughn Email: rkvaughn@ucla.edu Phone: 310-794-4904 Office Hours: La Kretz Hall Suite 300c TBA COURSE OBJECTIVES and PREREQUISITES This course seeks to introduce students to the major ideas in natural resources and environmental economics. Emphasis is placed on designing incentives to protect the environment. The course will highlight the important role of “crunching” empirical data to test hypotheses about pollution’s causes and consequences. Open to all students who have completed a statistics course and have taken intermediate microeconomics or have received permission from the Instructor. Course Book : Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment published September 1st 2006 by the Brookings Institution Press (see http://www.brookings.edu/press/books/greencities.htm), ISBN 978-0-8157-4816-8 by Matthew E. Kahn. Amazon charges $13 for the paperback. We will read many papers that will be available in .pdf format and posted to our course
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enviroecon2 - Environmental Economics (M134) Professor...

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