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Information Session For College Economics Students*:    Preparing for Graduate Economics Programs 4pm - 5pm Stuart Hall 104 Wednesday, October 5th Grace Tsiang Director, Undergraduate Economics Program Come to hear a short talk on what students should know as they plan to continue their  study of economics. There are a number of graduate programs which welcome students  with a BA(Econ).  The following degrees serve widely differing purposes: MA(Econ),  MBA, MPP, MIPPS, PhD(Econ).  How do you choose among these degree programs and  what should you look for in the specific departments or schools?  We will cover recommendations for curriculum choices in economics, math, statistics,  and other social and physical sciences for 3rd and 4th year study.  We will also discuss  the mechanics of assembling your application to graduate school, and how to think about  the best timing for applying given your progress on the combined fronts of coursework,  research experience, papers, and recommendation letters.  While the meeting targets 3rd and 4th year students, any interested 2nd year students are welcome to attend.  *By the way, majoring in economics is not required for continuing in the study at a PhD level. Students who have chosen to major in mathematics, statistics, physics, or political science have successfully applied to economics programs provided they have taken sufficient coursework at an advanced level in economics, mathematics, and statistics. 
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 Preparing for Graduate Economics Programs Deciphering Degrees: PhD (Econ) = This is the degree to have if you want to do research and teach at the college and university level. Think carefully: it takes 5 years or more to obtain as well as careful preparation. Success in an academic career takes hard work (obtaining tenure depends on many publications in the first 6-10 years of a tenure track job) and thick skin (working papers are submitted to peer review before publication in academic journals.) PhD from a business school= Some business schools do have Ph.D.
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