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Course Descriptions Spring 2010 - COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR...

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SPRING 2010 SPAN 206: Spanish for Business and Economics (Major: Language/Elective; AXLE: INT) MWF 12:10-1:00 Calhoun 219 [email protected] This course provides a solid foundation in business vocabulary and overview of basic business and cultural concepts, emphasizing international business communications skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Focusing on the role of the international manager, the course emphasizes vocabulary related to corporate organization and structure, banking and accounting processes, capital investment, human resources, the production of goods and services, marketing, financial management, and international operations articulated within the geographic and cultural context of the Spanish-speaking world. Students are evaluated through quizzes, tests, and oral presentations, final presentation, and final exam. SPAN 207: Advanced Conversation (Major: Language/Elective; AXLE: INT) MWF 1:10-2:00 Buttrick 302 [email protected] This class is an advanced conversation class that will offer an intra-cultural approach contrasting Spanish, Spanish American and US perspectives. This is a content-based course that focuses primarily on the development of advanced oral language skills. The class format will consist of class discussions, debates, oral presentations, interviews and electronic discussions on contemporary issues. This class is designed for students with a high level of proficiency, especially those returning from a study abroad program. Some of the issues covered in this class will be gender relations, cultural identity, social relations, value systems, religion and education. This class is closed to native speakers. SPAN 210: Spanish for the Legal Profession (Major: Language/Elective; AXLE: INT) MWF 1:10-2:00 Furman 002 (Language Center classroom) [email protected] Advanced conversation course and grammar review introducing basic legal terminology and concepts, cultural information, and exploration of historical and contemporary legal issues relating to the Hispanic/Latino communities in the US. Emphasis on practical language usage. Students will make independent visits to local courts to observe trial and judicial proceedings. They will prepare daily written vocabulary and grammar review activities, thematic readings and lead class discussion and debate on the readings. There will be three short papers (3-4 pages), one Power Point presentation based upon a short research paper which focuses on a specific historical landmark legal decision of the US Supreme Court involving the Hispanic/Latino communities (4-5 pages) and one final Power Point presentation based upon a more formal semester-long in-depth research paper (6-8 pages) on legal and cultural topic in consultation with the course instructor. There will be three partial exams. Prerequisites: 201W and 202; closed to native speakers
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Course Descriptions Spring 2010 - COURSE DESCRIPTIONS FOR...

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