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Anth 146 Notes 9.1

Anth 146 Notes 9.1 - Descartes Dualism is the crucial...

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Descartes: Dualism is the crucial component necessary to understand what it means to be a human being Wanted to be certain about things - wanted to have certain knowledge, not variable knowledge where everybody has different ideas. At one of the most renowned schools in Europe, but discovered ignorance Moves from doubting to knowing throughout his journey - moves from senses to rationality Goes from uncertain knowledge to certain knowledge Goes from external to internal (what is inside) He moves into from a flawed being into perfection; from bodiliness to mindfulness Pg 2: formed a method by which he is able to raise his knowledge to the highest point Delighted most of all in mathematics - because of its certainty Bororo - see a bird when they think about themselves, as opposed to themselves Contrasting the idea of many conflicting opinions about truth (there is ONE truth) and moves into arriving at a method in which he finds himself
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