Anth 146 Notes 9.3

Anth 146 Notes 9.3 - After things have been done there will be success in small matters if you persist in the righteous course When they come

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Iching - (Book of Changes) Ask it questions, it responds by giving you insight So you can prepare yourself for a decision Proceeds according to 2 principles 1. Yin - broken lines represent yin - represent female, earthly, passive, negative, dark, 2. Yang - unbroken lines represent yang, male, heavenly, celestial, active, positive, light By accessing how these 2 interact, you can determine a unique event 6 hexigrams - each is understood to have 2 3-lined figures, all figures are composed of2 types of lines, broken and unbroken 64 different finished hexigram combinations Text for "Stagnation" says stagnation is brought about by people who want to do harm although the omen forecasts bad things to come for good people, good people should not stop doing righteous things. The great and the good will decline, harmful things will approach. -bad people are at the center of things, good people are at the fringes -hexigram shows heaven and earth cut off from each other
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Unformatted text preview: After things have been done, there will be success in small matters if you persist in the righteous course When they come together it describes how things are at any particular moment Read from the bottom up Stagnation: Positive trigram standing on a negative one - meaning it does not have good support Changing line - if it says it's a broken line it also means it is changing into an unbroken line Focused on the in between - reliant on the opposite number The Iching get rid of everything as opposed to DesCartes who uses reason They say that Descartes is delusional because they wants to make an immediate connection with the world so they can feel what is happening, not find out through reason-that immediate connection will tell you how everything is at one particular moment Logic is distance from anything that is bodily or material Descartes would look at the Iching as nonsense because there is no mind to it...
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