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Anth 146 Notes 9.4

Anth 146 Notes 9.4 - Is his opinion all opinions are just...

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Duality is bororo having good and bad: white feathered birds, bad is meat eating birds Dualism is descartes: mind and body are completely different Women are the ones who are lording over the men "parrots" because they are owning them later on : what are women then if women are not parrots? They are considered bad if they don't have a soul? They are earthly, they are not parrots like men are, because men turn into parrots. Because parrot is good and I am good, then I am parrot - moves down the spectrum Reason why its so hard for us to find is because of Descartes Dualism is necessary to figure out human - wanted certainty instead of different opinions
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Unformatted text preview: Is his opinion, all opinions are just as worthwhile as other opinions, so needs methods to figure out what was true Reason alone makes us men - philosophy was useful, but never came to a complete conclusion, math is certain, but useless Wanted hybrid of both Descartes would say that this thinking stuff is what makes us human - therefore we cannot consider ourselves parrots, because that thinking stuff is exactly what makes us human beings Perhaps the bororo believe that at a basic level that is what it boils down to, just as descartes believes that at the most basic level " I think, therefore I am"...
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