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Anth 146 Notes 9.10

Anth 146 Notes 9.10 - Wheras the iching sees the...

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Wheras the iching sees the presumption is that he or she is connected up in some way with everything else that there is, and that they're trying to get in touch with everything else to get some kind of feedback, to clear the mind completely so there is nothing between you and everything else - they clear away the boundaries which would separate (the lines that dualism firmly believes exist between the self and other) Looking for your true self - looking within - the iching is not looking for himself Looking at another people - called the Gahuku Gama New Guiney Live in the south sea - eastern highlands of new guiney Live in villages organized according to kinship Tribes break down into clans, break down into subclans, break down into lineages Difference is that these people are patrilinial - family is according to father's side According to these people, the human being is a combination of spirit and matter , a biological and psychological hole Has both aspects (Nondualism) do not have to figure out why
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