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Iching - wants to give example of highly civilized society whose views differ from our Iching - book of changes Used not to give us cause of problem, but to assess the way the two principles of universe (yin and yang) are interacting with each other at any one time How they are interacting = better decisions Take 3 coins - hold a question in their mind, let go of everything they know as true, any preconceived notions, open themselves to the universe Coins land in certain pattern - if mostly heads, yang line, if mostly tails, broken line Coins are thrown 6 times Descartes would not approve Is each line changing or static? If you get 3 tails, you're so yin that the only thing you can do is start changing back to yang If you had 3 heads, you would be changing back to yin If just 2 heads, you would be remaining a yang line Descartes wants to become more mindful, while the iching believe the opposite Carl Jung - believed the iching did not tell you causality, but how things are hanging together inside
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Unformatted text preview: yourself Descartes believes there are two different boxes, two different completely separate world Iching believe X and Y are in same box, and X and Y are connected despite there being a line separating them (also, Bororo believe) Experiment on boy Iching take for granted that they are connected to everything else - the people who adhere can have access to a connection to the world - for the iching, you are having a conversation with yourself not with any others He was exhibiting dualism - he was unable to escape from his own thing Descartes: you don’t have access to anything outside of being human Iching: closer to Bororo - there is crossover, you are able to be both a human and a parrot Dualism = mutual exclusivity between the self and the other (Modern Western thought, Descartes, Augustine) Nondualism = some kind of continuum - you are able to communicate with something bigger than yourself (Bororo, Iching, Gahuku Gama, Bateson)...
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