Anth 146 Notes 9.17

Anth 146 Notes 9.17 - Gahuku Gama acknowledge different...

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Gahuku Gama acknowledge different individuals, and can distinguish individuals, but the sense of moral individual is not there for them. It's the kinship group that is deserving of respect. Universal humanity, but at the same time Descartes dualism tells us that the only thing we can be certain of is that you yourself exist, because you are self contained Example from Western Culture Alcoholism - Gregory Bateson Makes argument about particular state of mind of alcoholism In order to back up his position, he relied on a certain kind of evidence: treatment through AA Alcoholic has no self-control : cannot stop drinking - can't stay sober But if you think about it, when an alcoholic is sober, something is driving him to drink What good is it to insist that the person stay sober, because it is something in the sober state that is moving them to drink Suggestion is that alcohol is "treatment" for problem during sober Alcoholics were always told to master themselves and resist the urge to drink Implication is a type of contest between the alcoholic and drink AA is telling you that it seems as if there is a contest, but in fact there is no contest - the alcoholic is powerless over the alcohol The alcohol present a power greater than the alcoholic This power is in one sense the addiction itself; in a more general sense it is everything that is other to the alcoholic's sense of self
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Anth 146 Notes 9.17 - Gahuku Gama acknowledge different...

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