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Moralities are constructed based on constraints from society - at any time what they agree upon is what morality is Utilitarianism - one ought to act in such a way to as to promote happiness for the greatest number of people - do things that are the most useful for everyone, not for the hell of it, but because it has a purpose --> leads to instrumentalism : acting in one's self interest, using another person as an instrument to get to your own ends Kantian ethics -One ought always to act in such a way so as what you choose to do is what you think every person should choose to do - golden rule. Absolutist - there might be times when this does not hold Each human has the ability to reason - each person is on the same level that you are Dog who is hungry will eat no matter what if there is food available - humans will be able to decide that other people may want the food, want to diet, etc. Western terms - selflessness is good - moral consciousness Always confronted with question: what do I owe to myself, what do I owe to others?
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Unformatted text preview: Each person is an entity to themselves, each person has the ability to come up with their own morality Gahuku Gama - their world is the clan, not the individual- they are more likely to adhere to same morality as their neighbor would because they do not have as much choice Human is combination of spirit and matter - body holds personality, injury to body is slight to the spirit as well ??Cont: No physical boundaries distinguish ourselves from others Each of us is a means in ourselves so we should not use others as our own Instruments Gahukugama rules do not apply within the universal "individual" - if they do see themselves as a cell in a system - the only way a cell can exist is within a system with other cells (the rest of their clan) Read: just wanted to find a connection in the unfamiliar society? Shooting off the arrow and assumes that he is letting off steam, sees himself in Makis...
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