Anth 146 Notes 9.24

Anth 146 Notes 9.24 - Trobriand finishing up What exactly...

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Trobriand finishing up What exactly does the body know when it comes to procreation? It knows that it has sexual attraction, but can't absolutely know that sexual intercourse give rise to life Excludes the male - spirit and matter are vitally together - unlike descartes, trobrianders have no problem thinking what is spiritual and material are interacting When spirit impregnates Fundamentally nondualistic Do not have any problem grasping what it is about the procreative process that is irreducible to the material process Ultimately despite our vast imperial knowledge of physiology of procreation, ultimately the generation of life remains mysterious Materially they are wrong, but they are addressing something that we cannot address either - the key the life Although they got it wrong, they kept creating children - Augustine His confession Critical foundation of christianity and therefore western civilization Explicitly autobiographical Confessions describe the journey he was taking moving from being alienated from himself (something lacking) to his true self The alienated self is the outside, the exterior, the body - a shift from the outside to the inside Model for the journey - the journey of the prodigal son - in gospel in Luke Book 8, part III - someone has fallen, and come back - what is so significant, or moreso than someone who has always been good? Jesus, who had fallen, and come back - the soul loves regaining things more than if they had
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Anth 146 Notes 9.24 - Trobriand finishing up What exactly...

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