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Anth 146 Notes 10.1

Anth 146 Notes 10.1 - Argument between dualism and...

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Argument between dualism and nondualism Descartes notion of what a human being is already an abstraction - abstracted from bodily world - Dualism endorsed the idea of a divide between subject and object In doing so you suddenly see a world filled with objects, natural laws Important component of modern science - if you can just see what is objective, that is what is crucial Where what you are thinking does not intervene in what is happening Juxtapose to nondualism - Human being is more than an entity - we are connected to everything else in the world Cartesian idea - you are just an entity - whereas from nondualism you are connected to everything ambiguously You are body but you are also mind, and you are moving between and that is connected Difference between the blind man considered just as an entity - just a man, separate from the cane And the man with the cane moving around, interacting with his environment, more than just his self Real question is not what is it, but under what context is it one thing or another? Gustoltian switch: duck or rabbit? Under what context can you see the duck? Or the rabbit? If you are familiar with both creatures, you can see both or neither, depending on how you look There are 2 ways of being a human being - dualism and nondualism Dualism and nondualism there is a profound difference Dualism - the dualism is key to the principle of exclusion - boundaries that separate but do not connect Excludes nondualism as being nonsense - backwards
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