Anth 146 Notes 10.6

Anth 146 Notes 10.6 - U pright posture - we are really...

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Upright posture - we are really seeing a connection between upright posture and upright moral character - there is some continuity between the two Our bodies determine for us even though we have a certain distance from the ground our bodies are a component of how we perceive things Blind spot of perception - if you take each eye separately, you close one eye and you will see a 20 degree variance and a new blind spot - that's where the light goes in to the eye - when both eyes work together, you do not have that blind spot Whatever we perceive always presupposes the body - axis of direction - they are always there as a component of what we see, they will always be there High-heeled shoes Shoe - idea of height - uprightness, reaching for the sky High-heeled shoes are the pedestals on which we place women in modern culture Practical says to keep our feet planted right on the ground - point of heels is that women have not been traditionally associated with practical matters Women have been regarded as the ideal of men - what men strive for Chinese practice of foot-binding - remove the appearance of women as subject to the everyday drudgery of everyday practical activities High-heels less extreme, but similar - symbolism of being higher up off the ground The wearer reminds us of someone who is precariously balanced - could fall at any time In western culture, if a woman falls, it's like saying that the shoes are setting women up for a fall
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Anth 146 Notes 10.6 - U pright posture - we are really...

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