Anth 146 Notes 10.8

Anth 146 Notes 10.8 - Seeing your body part is not...

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Seeing your body part is not believing that it is your body part 2 ways of knowing: 1. Knowledge you have gained through systematic observation: that can be demonstrated (like Descartes was looking for i. Seeing is believing: modern science 1. Experiencing things: you are not searching systematically, and you have experienced it and you are sure that it is, you don't have to question/think about it i. When you get up to leave a room, you don't have to check if your feet are there (things taken for granted, experience your body in that way) ii. Should I go through the wall? No, dumbass. Go through the door. iii. Different sense of knowing something 2 kinds of knowledge are similar to objective and subjective, but not exactly the same Knowledge of Trobrianders that has, they are objectively incorrect about the male not contributing anything to the having babies But not mistaken, just a different way of knowing something Not a mistake when people can't feel their limb, because they are not capable of feeling the limb - can't experience it or recognize it Can convince here it is, but she still can't feel it Right/left in relationship to moral codes Right is thought of as good, left as bad - what is good and what is bad Axis of direction - given biologically Started with up and down - front and back - inside and outside - enter into everything that we perceive Axis of direction - there is a certain openness to them that we get to fill in - there is nothing that tells us in nature that the right is better, but it does appear that it is giving us somewhat
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Anth 146 Notes 10.8 - Seeing your body part is not...

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