Anth 146 Notes 10.27

Anth 146 Notes 10.27 - Genesis II-III - the fall: God...

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Genesis II-III - the fall: God creates Adam and Eve, tells them not to do something, and they disobey - falling through act of disobedience God punishes each The word "Fall" does not appear - they are ejected from the garden - more of a birthing (coming out of the womb) Experience of going downward (moral axis of direction) registered in the way the story unfolds - punishments 1. Argues that the same fall may also be interpreted as a rise - not simply a movement downward - disobeying god, he exhibits limitedness of nature o Inability to control earthly desires - when they disobey they express the limitedness o God fixes them - they are made to take a fall o That very same act of disobedience makes quite clear Adam's spiritual side - he is also made of God's breath and spirit o Adam's failure to observe God's commandment is taken by God as in some sense a threat to God's own rule - "behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil." he must be ejected from the garden lest he take more o Serpent actually spoke the truth - man becomes more God-like by knowing good and evil o 3rd meaning of fall is here, where God kicks them out of the garden to fall onto the creaturely earth o If man becomes more God-like, what is this God-like character? Difference between God and Man is that God has the power to create man, and to create in general In particular it is the idea that human beings could not have created themselves originally The capacity man must have acquired must have been from god - the capacity for procreation Man learns to make choices - the idea of freedom - the capacity for choice - not exactly a material addition, it was given to man when created God breathed life into him giving him spiritual character Since he was already made by God he was originally equipped with the power of choice Adam got to name all the creatures - Man gave names to all beasts - Naming is a
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Anth 146 Notes 10.27 - Genesis II-III - the fall: God...

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