Anth 146 Notes 10.29

Anth 146 Notes 10.29 - Development of creative capacity the...

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Development of creative capacity, the capacity to choose for ourselves - moral consciousness - what do I owe to myself what to I owe to the other? All relationships are paradoxical - relationships of opposition and interdependence at the same time Complementary relationship between Adam and Eve - she was a helper, but at the same time opposed to him All relationships are reduced to the relationship between man and himself - man is schizophrenic - complementary but opposed Woman vs her children - she is the mother of all life - she is the mother of all life, but at the same time those children are the root of all her pain The earth vs Adam - Adam is of the earth, but made to work against the earth by laboring in the field to earn his living Creaturely side vs Spiritual side - God made him of the earth but breathed life into him According to theological component, it is from the standpoint of this narrative, it's the transformation of a relationship between man and God Blame game that Adam and Ave play at the end is not exactly wrong Duplicity - man has now split, he can present himself as other than he is - he can blame someone else Who can the serpent blame? God - he made Adam, Eve, Serpent with the capacity for transcendence Augustine's problem - where does the evil come from? God made him so he must be the source, but therein lies the problem - that is heresy Main points of story - tells of the emergence of moral consciousness as a movement from the material aspect to transcendence consciousness + consciousness Shift from down to up - material to spiritual - but at the same time a shift from up to down - God ensures that Adam can never transcend in permanent way Shift from inside to outside - move from the garden to the outside - shift from outside to inside - from dependence on God to self-dependence Shifts are bodily thought - the serpent tempts Eve and therefore bodily - described in sensual language, desiring to eat the fruit, definitely sexual How the body is equipped to transcend itself - open hands, upright posture, voice - being knowledgeable in its own right Transcendence is emerging from the body - materialism - but at the same time the transcendence was already potentially there in some sense Story's answer to this - must have been the spirit that put it there to begin with - God is the answer Description from the time of what it feels like to be "human", to have these 2 aspects of oneself - being able to contemplate this
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Anth 146 Notes 10.29 - Development of creative capacity the...

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