Anth 146 Notes 11.3

Anth 146 Notes 11.3 - Nietzsche believes that people who...

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Nietzsche believes that people who are stronger, take responsibility for their actions, for whatever they do that is not good 2nd essay: deals with psychodynamic of the resentment - inversion is brought about by the weak turning the tables - turn it around - what is really good becomes bad, the strong are believed to be bad Psychological aspect of this Has to do with guilt - ties it to empirical relationship between creditor and debtor - strong people who do and other people who are passive Says that the debtor begins to feel guilt, internalizes the guilt - begins to see as unable to discharge - self-depreciation 3rd essay: self depreciation becomes self-denial - this is expressed in terms of aestheticism - self-sacrifice Concepts of the 3 essays Theodicy Is the response to meaninglessness - The argument about moral consciousness and self-denial came about through the internalization of legal contracts, but why atheticism? Why are some people made to suffer? Why is there suffering at all? Is underlying question, is what Nietzsche is asking. Claiming that there is NO reason to be suffering on this earth- it is meaningless. Why is there sickness, death, pain? What Nietzsche is saying is that what they were suffering from is meaninglessness. What is the purpose of being alive? Men then found it necessary to create a reason for this state of affairs, and invented the idea of an omnipotent figure, to whom death and suffering could be referred, the cause of this. This figure explained suffering, which means that the Odyssey is that if people are suffering, they have
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Anth 146 Notes 11.3 - Nietzsche believes that people who...

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