Anth 146 Notes 11.17

Anth 146 Notes 11.17 - Abortion There is common ground...

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Abortion: There is common ground between the two sides The names of the two sides are extraordinarily misleading: they make it impossible for there to be common ground Prochoice: against life Prolife: against choice Stands against reason that there can be none Distinction between bare life (life with all other creatures) and spiritual/cultural life (having a sense of self) - gives you two diff types of life Death in Primo-Levi: first you are killed as a human being (spiritual) and then physically Argument was that if you look at the anti-abortion side, restriction undermines the sense of life for the mother and women in general Pro-life: not simply physical life - it is soulful life, the spiritual life - the ability to make choices, the spiritual life is being created There is common ground - there is a critical ethical decision Each side needs to look more carefully at the issue and the strength of the other side in terms of life As an ethical issue, what do I owe to myself? What do I owe to the other? - about sacrifice, displacement - weighing the options in terms of very serious consequences in terms of what it
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Anth 146 Notes 11.17 - Abortion There is common ground...

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