Anth 146 Notes 12.1

Anth 146 Notes 12.1 - The nature of sacrifice Nuer had...

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The nature of sacrifice - Nuer had bloody sacrifice Hebrew Bible-ch22 (the Abraham and Isaac story) Imperfect sacrifice because the son was not slain in the end, and therefore we look in the same tradition at the crucifixion -> perfecting as son is slain The gap between modern sacrifice, there really is a continuity > the Nuer don't seem so strange in performing bloody sacrifice Continuity between the Abraham and Isaac to Jesus sacrificed is perfecting What did Abraham sacrifice? He gave his obedience to God instead, he gave up God's gift to him (willpower when God breathed spirit into Adam) Crucifixion: Bloody sacrifice will not ever be needed again! 1. Why do humans find themselves owing at all? o Nietzsche addressed: says that they don't have to feel that way, but that's just he way it is o However he is missing something empirically: it would appear that there is always some need to give something of ones self, and even if you don’t feel it, in the end it happens to you regardless - it is the sentence of mortality, your own death o Sacrifice is a function of God - God figured as a creator to whom we therefore we owe our life - we have to give it back o Bloody sacrifice is not missing from our secular existence Sacrifice on behalf of the state and the nation , of freedom and family o The implicit or expressed purpose of sacrifice is the perpetuation of life But not just physical life - life as meaningful and valued, not simply material existence, family values, religious values, freedom This is what distinguishes us from other creatures Life as selfhood - having a sense of self, meaningful life - what this means is that sacrifice is a paradox , in order to have life you must give life Reiteration of selfhood paradox as life defined by ends or goods that are chosen
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Anth 146 Notes 12.1 - The nature of sacrifice Nuer had...

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