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Anth 146 Notes 12.3

Anth 146 Notes 12.3 - Abortion common ground In particular...

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Abortion: common ground In particular, the two kinds of life 1. Physical life 2. Cultural life Linked in what people meant by life from both pro life (meaning soulful life) and pro choice (meaning soulful life of choice/will) Common ground - there's a concern for life, and a concern for choice - if the pro life is concerned with soulful life, they are concerned with a person, and a person is always being defined by this ability to make choices Blade Runner: pertains to the overall argument - goes back to Descartes' dualism What is a human being? Axis of direction: Upright posture Upright posture does NOT cause moral consciousness - you can read moral consciousness in upright posture because you are looking at the distance from the ground - it is the distance from the ground that is important You have less tie to the ground The tick is tied to the tree and blood - there is nothing that is relaxed in those ties, you can't distinguish the tick With human beings there is distance, there is a looseness in the ties That distance manifests itself in certain ways - because we have choice we are not tied Male and female - you really are dependent on others Right and left - gives you options, it's symmetry - this means the choice is even more open, because there is no conclusion initially
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