Anth 146 Notes 12.5

Anth 146 Notes 12.5 - The whole thing with the shoe?...

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The whole thing with the shoe? Causation vs synchronicity in upright posture - TM says that it is synchronicity, but we could not have developed a sense of self without first developing upright posture? Upright posture: Dualism vs nondualism - those are not the only 2 types of consciousness. Spectrum of being in and of the world - we use upright posture to make this. The thing to emphasize is that upright posture is not a cause of conciousness - human con is not bioligically determined. More accurate to look at consciousness as a movement - we discover both ourselves and thew orld - so our account of the evolution relfects the knowledge and exp in the world - the distance between ourselves and the ground is where technology evolves. We never leave the ground - we never are god - we are moral, we rejoin the ground in death. Our mortality is incomplete. Conscoiousness does not exist on its own. You find yourself moving at the same instant a movement is realized - there is an openness between our two selves. The paradox we can never rewally hold on to or pause. We are always thinking through our body Genesis Emergence of selfhood and moral consciousness Mans relationship to himself Describews man's relationship to god God is the creator, with the ultimate authority, however by creating man in his own image, he also gave man the capacity to disobey. In order to reclaim his authority, God commanded man not to eat of the tree of knowledge, or good and evil. This convinent is in fact implicitly implying that man could choose and disobey God, but distinguishing between good and evil. In disobeying God, man chose mortality, limitedness, but at the same time became God-like, a rise. So in order to be God-like, the man should have the creative capacity like God, God gave man the ability of naming animals. By naming creatures, man in a critical sense creates them, as naming is differentiating things from each other, thus showing conscousness - names and consciousness can detatch ourselves from things The distance from the ground, the slackening of the ties, therefore human life in this story we can notice that human life is not only bodily, but also spiritual and soulful. Adam and eve are experiencing the divided self - they notice their nudity after eating the tree, they are
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Anth 146 Notes 12.5 - The whole thing with the shoe?...

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