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High Valley Notes

High Valley Notes - When Read entered the village Makis...

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When Read entered the village, Makis held him in the typical full-body embrace of greeting "it was rather the strain of continual exposure to the physical possessiveness that characterized their relationships, for they appeared to need direct contact with other people" Their customary greeting, a standing embrace in which both men and women handled each others genitals, was an unfailing source of sniggering amusement to Europeans; but even in the villages, among people who saw one another every day hands were continually reaching out to caress a thigh arms to encircle a waist, open, searching mouths hung over a child's lips, nuzzled a baby's penis, or closed with a smack on rounded buttocks" (pg 19) Material rewards were given to strong, transactions were competitive. Continuing effort to achieve equality and to surpass others (20) 12 named tribes - belief in a common origin and recognized rights within delimited territories. Tried to
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