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Paper 1 Prompt and Notes on How to Complete

Paper 1 Prompt and Notes on How to Complete - ANTH 146 FALL...

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ANTH 146, FALL ’09, FIRST PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: 1. No more than two double-spaced typewritten pages. 2. Font should be Times New Roman 12. 3. Margins should be 1.25 inches. 4. Write your name, PID number, honor code pledge, and your TA’s name . 5. Get right to your point(s), avoiding extraneous contents (such as “Descartes was a philosopher who lived in the 17th century”). 6. We are interested in how well you control the material and understand the arguments. 7. Compose your essay with clear, explicit, concrete, and coherent sentences. 8. Check your spelling and grammar . 9. Read the question carefully. 10. The paper is due on Tuesday, Sept. 22nd , at the end of the class period. QUESTION : Keeping in mind Descartes’ mind-body dualism and the careful argument he makes, in his essay, about the two specific means/criteria by which it is possible to tell (what he perceived as) the unqualified difference between humans and other animals, how would you interpret the bearing of each of the following two quotations on Descartes’ position.
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