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Socialization - the process by which we learn our culture Aims 1. Teaching basic disciplines 2. Instilling values and aspirations 3. Teach social roles 4. Skills 5. Providing sense of self/identity Internalization leads to predictability Recent socialization experience: Frequent drinking at UNC Agents of socilization 1. Family - gender roles, fears, most basic prejudices 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Peers - 3. Role Models 4. Media/TV 5. Teachers 6. Coaches 7. Work Theories of Socialization 1. Looking-Glass Self (Cooley) i. (how we see ourselves is determined by how others see us) 1. "I" and "Me" leading to generalized "other" (George Herbert Mead) i. We do not live our lives like other people tell us to live them - we are our own object...
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