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Soci 101 Notes 9.16 - (leads to) impression management We...

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"All the world's a stage - and all the men and women are merely players" -William Shakespeare Goffman - developing the dramaturgical model of social life We are actually actors in our own lives, every part of a play has a corollary in real life Actors People Audience Observers Parts Roles Stage Setting Dialogue Ritualized conversation Costume Clothes/Styles Front Stage Formal/professional interaction Back Stage Audience is absent - more informal Definition of the situation An informal implicit agreement of what is going on in a situation (expect to understand a situation - in class, teachers and students)
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Unformatted text preview: (leads to) impression management We are all trying to project a consistent, favorable impression (leads to) sign vehicles 1. Expressions that we give: intentionally done (dress, manner, words) 2. Expressions we give off: unintentional: unconscious (body language) Classroom: Instructor trying to project that he is knowledgeable, concerned, engaged with material, competent Student trying to project that he is interested, eager, and productive in work Protective: predetermined actions to help boost your image Defensive: minimize the harm of a misstep in performance...
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