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Soci 101 Notes 9.18

Soci 101 Notes 9.18 - What is sociology What sorts of...

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What is sociology? What sorts of things do sociologists study? People in groups Statistics/social trends (demography) Patterns, norms, values --> consequences if breached Social imagination: Linking social issues to private troubles Theory: explanation of either how or why of a relationship Paradigm - lens: guides thinking and research Guides how we see the world; perspective Macro - looking larger-scale phenomina (Paradigms I + II) Micro - come back to level of individual (Paradigm III) 3 paradigms 1. Structural Functionalism i. Tend to focus on issues of integration, order, consensus, norms; how society works and maintains order ii. Durkheim: study of suicide: how integrated institutions like religions could reduce likelihood of suicide. How is this tied to society? 1. Theory came from observing the relationship between religion and suicide rate 2. Paradigm animated the question to begin with iii. Comte: One of the founders of sociology and coined the term sociology 1.
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