Soci 101 Notes 9.23

Soci 101 Notes 9.23 - Paradigm - is a general...

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Paradigm - is a general framework/lens for seeing the world Leads us to assumptions about the social world Structural-Functionalist Paradigm Stability 1. Within a society, great deal of consensus about norms/values i. Heterosexual, monogamous relationships ii. College education iii. The "American Dream" 1. Society is made up of interconnected, independent parts i. When one part changes, others will adopt 1. Society tends towards stability i. Conflict is dysfunctional and pathological 2 functions Manifest - the conscious, explicit Latent - unconscious, unintended Structure - was in which society is organized into predictable relationships Norms, values, institutions Enduring patterns of behavior; organization Following getting larger and larger Statuses (Socially defined positions 1. Ascribed (gender, race, sex, statuses assigned to us from the beginning) 2. Achieved (doctor, professor, student, statuses you must work for) Roles (expectations to uphold in our statuses) Groups (larger) 1.
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Soci 101 Notes 9.23 - Paradigm - is a general...

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