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Soci 101 Notes 9.30

Soci 101 Notes 9.30 - women were dominant and aggressive...

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"Doing" Gender Physical appearance Goffman - Give, Give off Nature vs Nurture Margaret Mead - anthropologist - Went to New Guiney to research gender roles - 3 diff tribes Arapesh - men and women were both nurturing, took on maternal characteristics Mundugumor - men and women both manifested masculine traits - aggressive, ruthless, warriors Tchambuli - Men were performing function of women, and vice versa - men were nurturing,
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Unformatted text preview: women were dominant and aggressive Peggy Reives Sanday - tribe in west Sumatra called Minangkabau Men and women were common partners - both nurturing, working for common good Men and women can take on different functions in different societies - it is a social construct Gender is reinforced through our "doing" of gender and institutionally...
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