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Soci 101 Notes 10.22

Soci 101 Notes 10.22 - "On being sane in insane...

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Exam 1 review "Normality" - normative approach defines normal as the way people SHOULD act in society in any given situation Deviant on campus: two men holding hands - still sanctioned for it Flip-flops don't trigger moral outrage Paradigms are more general than a theory "the purity myth" operates from the conflict paradigm - women are defined in comparison to men, they are kept held down - Value is measured relative to a man Any time there are inequalities, there will be most likely the conflict paradigm
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Unformatted text preview: "On being sane in insane places" - none of them were detected Women are devalued The only thing that speaks to generalization is simply a PROBABILITY SAMPLE. Goffman: Doing Gender (through damaturgical perspective) The Mommy Tax 3 strategies 1. Government subsidies, husband help - "share the burden" 2. Legislative solutions - anti-discrimination law with regard to mothers 3. Be a MAN. - stop caring about families, go to school, get educated, get a job, put all your energy into your job...
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