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Soci 101 Notes 10.26

Soci 101 Notes 10.26 - Kinship You can determine the...

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Social Networks "the strength of weak ties" Close ties will know the same people, are similar in many regards - the weaker ties are the ones that matter However indirectly you are connected, they can still point you in the right direction for jobs Tend to be more satisfied for jobs, hired at higher rate Experiment of marking down names that you know - how socially connected are people? Age, specialization, income status, ethnicity, all make a difference in how many people you know, how large your network is Strong Ties Proximity Length of Relationship Shared Interests/activities
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Unformatted text preview: Kinship You can determine the strength of a tie based on flow of information 6 flows 1. Personal evaluation - the value of a certain person 2. Transfers of Material resources - physical items 3. Information - how we learn about the things we know about - the quanitity we learn from certain people 4. Movement of people - where do you go/who you hang out with 5. Formal roles 6. Kinship Gladwell reading: game called the 6 degrees of kevin bacon No matter who the actor is, you can link up to kevin bacon in 6 degrees...
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