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Soci 101 Notes 10.30 - you) Trust Prostitutes Illegal drugs...

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Uses of Networks Networks + Social Class New Ways of Networking Uses of Social Networks Doing it Without a Social Network Finding a Job Newspaper, Internet, Walk-in Make New Friends Talking to random people Get a Date Online Dating Service, Speed Dating, Weak Tie, Joining a Club, through Location (go places) Sharing Information Internet, Books, Ads, Newsletter Human Interaction -feeling connected (only through social networks) Security (people looking out for
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Unformatted text preview: you) Trust Prostitutes Illegal drugs Negatives of Closed Social Networks Higher class runs everything with no input Job of lower class to please upper class but not other way around Distorted world view Hard for lower class to rise upward socially Dont think about how decisions will affect other classes If we have a system where people can't move up, you can be brilliant but stuck on the bottom...
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