Soci 101 Notes 11.2

Soci 101 Notes 11.2 - Dutch Courage (about germans) -...

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Racial Hierarchy US percentages NC Percentages 1. White 79.8% Black 12.8% Asian/Pacific Islander 4.7% Multi-racial (just allowed Since 2000) 1.7 American Indian 1.0 Ethnicity - includes national origin, cultural differences - Hispanic/Latino can identify as any race Grouping of people based on subjective belief in common descent based primarily on national origin or distinctive cultural patterns Hispanic/Latino: 15.4% identify (7.4% in-state) Race: A grouping of people believed to share common descent based on perceived , innate physical similarities Stereotype: Unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that do not recognize individual differences within the group Applied to individuals Biddy Scrubwoman - comes from irish name Bridget (lower-class person)
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Unformatted text preview: Dutch Courage (about germans) - foolhardiness induced by liquor Stolid as a Dutchman (about germans) - stupid-looking Dutchy (about germans) - shabby (made in germany) Frenchified Infected with syphilis Made in Germany Shabby work, shoddy quality Greek Ease Laziness Have an Irish Shave Going to the toilet Irish Club House Jail/prison Irish Drupenses cobwebs 73.8% 21.6% 2% 1.2% 1.3% All of these groups are now considered "white" , because Of money, they were immigrant groups but now American because Lost their accent-visability fuels discrimination (how clearly are they different)-as time passes, they assimilate...
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Soci 101 Notes 11.2 - Dutch Courage (about germans) -...

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