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Soci 101 Notes 11.4

Soci 101 Notes 11.4 - be caucasian 1922 Thind Indian people...

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Prejudice: thought, cognition Discrimination: behavior Stereotypes came out because they minimize the extent that we have to think Singled out because recognizably different --> Immigrants Descent Appearance Customs Segregated Living Overcame because they assimilated Court cases of social construction of race 1922: Ozawa - law relating to naturalization: free white persons and african nativity Argued for Japanese people to be considered White - court was not swayed - said you need to
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Unformatted text preview: be caucasian 1922: Thind - Indian people are considered white based on biological reasons - they said no - while it may be true that they have something in common, but the average person on the street knows that they are different, and therefore the indian people are not white What does it mean to be white? Skin color Hair color and texture Eye shape, color Facial structure Height Build...
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