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Social Mobility Ideology about how people succeed: pull yourself up by your bootstraps Individualistic approach, the people get to where they are by effort and talent Regardless of whatever obstacles exist, people should be able to succeed on their own merit If this ideology is true, and everyone had that necessary drive and ambition, we would see greater equality and everyone could get wealthy The US is a class-based system Open Class-based system Closed class-based system
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Unformatted text preview: Boundaries Permeable Impermeable Positions Achieved Ascribed Law Permits exogamy Requires endogamy (United States) Permits mobility Mobility Horizontal Moving to jobs of the same Prestige Lawyer to Doctor, Garbage man to Janitor Vertical Moving up (or down) the class ladder Garbageman to Lawyer Intragenerational: within your life: career mobility, from a garbage collector to a lawyer Intergenerational: your dad was a farmer, and you become a doctor...
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