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Stratification: structured inequality Every society has inequalities built into the system What is not universal is the structure/degree of the inequality Davis and Moore article (strictly functionalist view): We must motivate people to positions, and we must motivate them to perform in those positions with a differential reward system 3 rewards 1. Sustenance and Comfort 2. Humor and Diversion 3. Self-respect and Self-esteem Higher positions have higher rewards attached to them, so people will fill them If it exists in the status quo, it exists for a reason Circular in reasoning Response was conflict - pointing out the pitfalls of stratification
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Unformatted text preview: Poverty - if someone falls below a certain level, they are labeled as in poverty Unemployment - those who are actively searching for work but cannot find it Absolute - minimal level of sustenance - if you are below a certain threshold, you are in poverty (fam of 4, income of 21000 or less) Relative - floating standard - judged to be disadvantaged based on the standards of the nation as a whole (the luxuries you have relative to others) Who in the US are poor? People % population % in poverty Blacks 12 27 Hispanics 11 25 Female headed households 18 53...
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