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Soci 101 Notes 11.30

Soci 101 Notes 11.30 - Freud God functions as a heavenly...

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Religion Substantive: try to define exactly what it is/is not - the point is to define - tend to be more exclusive Ex. Identification with a higher power that defines life, concern for ultimate meaning Functional: What religion does - the function of religion - tend to be more inclusive Marx - it is an extent of the economy Durkheim - functionalist - approach was to look at religion as a source of solidarity, moral order - (has stubstantive parts, beliefs practices key) Definition of religion: The Elementary Forms of Religious Life - Aboriginal tribe as the most basic form of religion - unified set of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things; that is to say, things set apart or forbidden; beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a church all those who adhere to them. -it's the glue that holds society together - it serves a cohesive function What is the consequence of religion? What plays out
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Unformatted text preview: Freud: God functions as a heavenly father as we have earthly fathers here on earth - it came from a need for discipline and order Functions of religion: System of ethics Meaning/Purpose Group to belong to Social support Comfort Well-being Weber: The Protestant Ethic Gives importance to cultural ideas Tries to link protestant beliefs with the development of the capitalist mindset through cultural ideas - complete opposite of Marx You must be productive, and material wealth is a way to demonstrate status - in doing these, you are serving God, and proving your faith and status Over time, the religious overtones fell away Merely wanted to demonstrate that ideas have significance Manifest Functions - the explicit functions of the religion Latent Functions - arent necessarily an extension of the religion itself, but just kinda happens...
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