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Possible functions of religion 1. Integrative - provides people with ends, goals, etc 2. Social Support - people you can call upon - also gives people a way to rationalize your life (through prayer, you can rationalize and give a process) 3. Social Change - religion can cause social change 4. Social Control - Marx (conflict perspective) - religion can give people hope, but also locates the source of hope in the afterworld, so not in THIS world i. Dulled people - they put justice off into the other world, so they don't live in this world - they don't enact change ii. Gender roles are reinforced Durkheim - religion is society - the essence of religion is the distinction between the sacred and profane
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Unformatted text preview: Sacred: Profane: 3 components of religion 1. Belief 2. Ritual 3. Church Civil Religion Robert Bellah - Civil Religion Sociologist Any society's most common religious denominator which consecrates its sense of nationhood and pivots around a set of tenants and rituals forged in the fires of a shared history-elevates nation to status of sacredness-through ritual we come to remember everything that matters about the country Thanksgiving National Anthem Pledge of Allegiance Inaugural address Memorial/Veterans' Day Texts: Constitution Declaration of Independence Martyers/heroes MLK Jr 9/11 Lincoln/Washington/JFK Bill Gates/Carnegie Places White House Capitol...
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