Consciousness - Consciousness Consciousness Awareness of...

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Consciousness Consciousness: Awareness of external environment and of yourself I. What is your consciousness like right now? - A. Thoughts focusing on your current task/activity - external focus - getting things done B. Daydreaming - internal thoughts Your mind has a natural tendency to wander Numerous things will prompt you to daydream - reminders of a concern or unmet goal Daydreaming is like tuning into another thought channel I. Sleep and Dreams A. Stages of Sleep: Each stage shows a relatively distinct pattern of brain activity EBG - cap over your head picks up neuron activity while sleeping to analyze sleep 1. Non-REM stages of sleep Awake - neurons are firing in response of what is happening around you, high frequency Drowsy - alpha waves are more prominent stage 1 - shallowest (theta waves are prominent) slight spreading-out of the waves - fewer neurons stage 2 - larger shift in activity - sudden spikes, then drops off, slowing down and spreading out activity stage 3 - progressively more delta waves - larger ups and downs, slowed down activity stage 4 – deepest, least aware of external environment - huge ups and downs, not a lot of neuron activity 2. REM sleep Paradoxical stage of sleep: Brain is very active, but muscles are very
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Consciousness - Consciousness Consciousness Awareness of...

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